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Mobile trommel screen

Feed particle size<300mm.

Processing capacity60-1000 tph.

Applicable materialPower plants, coking plants, building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, mining and other industries.


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The Mobile trommel screen is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a roller device, a frame, a sealing cover, an inlet and outlet, and the like. The motor and the roller device are coupled together through a coupling, and the driving roller device rotates around its axis when the material enters the roller device. After that, it will be driven to flip and roll continuously. The relative movement of the material and the screen surface allows the particles smaller than the mesh to pass through the mesh hole, thereby dividing the sand, gravel, gravel and other materials into different levels according to the particle size. Minute.

Mobile trommel screen features:
1. High screening efficiency, effectively solve the problem of screen blockage;
2. The structure is simple and easy to operate;
3. High running stability and long service life;
4. Environmental protection and energy saving, working in a closed environment with less dust;
5. Easy maintenance and low operating costs.


Type Screen area(m2) capacity(t/h) Outer screen diameter(mm) lenght(m) power(KW)
GTS06-2 3.7 0.05-3 Φ600 2 1.1
GTS12-3 3 10.4 Φ1200 3 4
GTS12-4 5 13.8 Φ1200 4 5.5
GTS14-5 10 27.8 Φ1400 5 7.5
GTS25-6 15 47.7 Φ2500 6 11
GTS26-8 65 0.5-1000 Φ2600 8 15


The mobile trommel screen is made up of five parts: hexagonal drum, frame, funnel, reducer and electric motor. According to the actual production needs, various resettlement schemes can be designed. After the broken stone enters the drum, the material is sieved by the centrifugal force of the drum rotation and the jigging action. Screened out one by one through screens of different meshes. The stones of different specifications are sieved out and dropped into the belt conveyor through the funnel to be sent to the finished material yard. On the one hand, it is screened as the drum rotates, and the material is sieved by the centrifugal force of the drum rotation and the jigging action. On the one hand, the coarse-grained stone flows forward along the slope of the drum, and is gradually screened out through the screen of different meshes. Small stones are sieved out and dropped into their respective funnels, which are then manually transported or fed to the finished product pile.


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