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Ore Beneficiation

SF flotation cell

Feed particle size0.3-1mm.

Processing capacity0.06-0.16m³/min.

Applicable materialThe selection of colored ferrous metals can also be used for the selection of non-metals such as coal fluorite and talc.


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The SF flotation cell adopts a novel forward-inclined trough body, a double-sided vane water wheel, and is equipped with a diversion tube and a false bottom device. The slurry in the tank is subjected to a double-circulation of the upper and lower stages in a fixed flow manner, which is advantageous for coarse particles. Mineral suspension, self-priming air, self-priming slurry, no foam pump required.

SF flotation cell product advantages:
1. The impeller has a back-tilt upper and lower blades. The upper blade produces a slurry circulation, and the lower blade produces a slurry circulation.
2, mechanical agitation, self-priming, self-priming pulp.
4. It has automatic control device with slurry surface, which is convenient to adjust.
3. Large inspiratory capacity and low power consumption.
5. The wearing parts have a long service life.
6, each tank has three functions of suction, suction and flotation, self-forming flotation circuit, no need for any auxiliary equipment, horizontal configuration, easy to change the process.
7. The slurry circulation is reasonable, which can minimize the sedimentation of coarse sand and is beneficial to the flotation of coarse minerals.


Type Volume (m³) diameter (mm) speed (r/min) capacity(m³/h) weight(t)
SF0.37 0.37 300 442 0.2-0.4 0.4
SF0.7 0.7 350 400 0.3-1 0.9
SF1.2 1.2 450 312 0.6-1.2 1.4
SF2.8 2.8 550 268 1.5-3.5 2.2
SF4 4 650 235 1-4 2.6
SF8 8 760 191 4-8 4.3
SF10 10 760 191 5-10 4.6
SF16 16 850 190 6-16 7.4


SF flotation cell works:
When the SF type flotation machine impeller rotates, the slurry in the upper and lower impeller chambers generates centrifugal force under the action of the upper and lower blades and is twisted to the periphery, so that a negative pressure zone is formed in the upper and lower impeller chambers. At the same time, the slurry in the upper part of the cover plate is sucked into the upper impeller cavity through the circulation hole on the cover plate to form a slurry circulation. When the lower blade pulls out the slurry around, the lower slurry is replenished to the center, thus forming a lower circulation of the slurry. The air is sucked into the upper impeller chamber through the suction pipe and the central cylinder, and is mixed with the sucked slurry to form a large number of fine bubbles, which are uniformly dispersed in the groove through the cover plate to form mineralized bubbles. The mineralized bubbles float up to the foam layer and are scraped off by the scraper to form a foam product.

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