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Ore Beneficiation

Cylinder magnetic separator

Max Feeding size0-3mm.


Applicable materialMagnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite, coal, non-metallic minerals, etc..


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The cylinder type magnetic separator machine has full-automatic operation, no manual operation, and the iron removal is convenient and more thorough.
The cylinder magnetic separator  advantage:
1. The de-ironing is washed by the vibration motor and the high-pressure water pump, and there is no dead angle and no residue.
2. The magnetic medium mesh adopts high-efficiency stainless steel magnetic conductive sheet, the magnetic field is up to 20000GS, and after the excitation coil power supply is broken, there is no residual magnetism, which is convenient for de-ironing.

The cylinder magnetic separator
3. Using NdFeB as the magnetic source, it overcomes the shortcomings of traditional magnetic separators such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy oxidation and fast magnetic decay. Carefully developed by scientific research personnel, repeated trials, and successfully protect the strong magnetic block, which can effectively extend its service life.
4. Due to the composite magnetic system composed of technologies such as magnetism, the magnetic field around the disk is deep. The field strength is high and the gradient is large. Compared with other similar products, the recovery amount is 2-3 times.
5. Using the moving magnetic field technology, the replenishing ore powder is under the action of water impulse. With the magnetic force of the moving magnetic field, the ore powder is automatically collected close to the outer edge of the disk. Since the outer edge of the disk is the same magnetic pole, the scraping plate is in accordance with the principle of magnetic field homoclinic repulsive. It is easy to scrape off and leave a protective layer on the magnetic surface.

Process flow:
Process flow:


Type Barrel diameter(mm) Barrel length(mm) speed(r/min) feed(mm) capacity(t/h) power(kw)
CTB6012 600 1200 <35 2-0 10-20 1.5
CTB6018 600 1800 <35 2-0 15-30 2.2
CTB7518 750 1800 <35 2-0 20-45 2.2
CTB9018 900 1800 <35 3-0 40-60 3
CTB9021 900 2100 <35 3-0 45-60 3
CTB9024 900 2400 <28 3-0 45-70 4
CTB1018 1050 1800 <20 3-0 50-75 5.5
CTB1021 1050 2100 <20 3-0 50-100 5.5
CTB1024 1050 2400 <20 3-0 60-120 5.5
CTB1218 1200 1800 <18 3-0 80-140 5.5
CTB1224 1200 2400 <18 3-0 85-180 7.5
CTB1230 1200 3000 <18 3-0 100-180 7.5
CTB1530 1500 3000 <14 3-0 170-280 11


working principle:
The material is fed from the left hollow journal to the cylinder, and then enters the cylindrical magnetic separator, and gradually spreads to the right. When the material moves from left to right, the cylinder of the cylindrical magnetic separator will The steel ball is brought to a certain height and falls to crush the material, and a part of the steel ball has a grinding effect on the material when the cylinder is discharged, and the whole moving process is also a crushing process of the material. The broken material is discharged from the hollow journal to complete the grinding work.

Faq-may you want to kown

Q1. How long is the warranty of your equipments? Does your company supply the spare parts?

The warranty period of crusher equipments is 12 months. Yes, we supply the spare parts for you at lowest cost and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.

Q2. What Information should customers give us? So that we can be able to provide you suitable solution and equipments.

1. What's the capacity you prefer? ( such as 150TPH etc ) 2. What is the raw material you want to process? ( such as andesite, basalt, etc ) 3. What is the input size of your raw material? 4. What's the final product size do you want?

Q3. Can you test our samples? Do you provide beneficiation flow chart?

Yes. You can send your samples to us for test and analysis. Our experienced engineers are specialized in designing process flow for various ores beneficiation, including iron ore, tin ore, copper ore, gold ore, lead zinc ore, manganese ore, etc.

Q4. If I need the complete crushing plant can you help us to build it?

Yes, we can help you combine a complete crushing line and give you related professional advices as long as you need. We had already build many mining projects in China & Overseas.

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