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Ore Beneficiation

6s shaking table

Max Feeding size0.55-1.5(kW).

Capacity0.2-1.5 t/h.

Applicable materialIt is used to separate tungsten, tin, antimony, bismuth, rare metals and precious metals. It is also suitable for separating iron, manganese ore and coal..


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Concentrating Table equipment can be used in roughing, selection, scavenging, and other operations, and different particle-size classifications of coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074 mm), slurry (-0.074mm). When processing the minerals such as tungsten and tin, the effective recycling particle size of the table ranges from 2-0.22 mm. Besides, it also can be used in classifications of iron and manganese ores

Process flow:

Advantages and Characteristics
1. Ingenious structure of inertial gearing, self balanced vertical force component. No vertical jump because no vertical vibrating force. It can be installed on the building floor, or on the bracket
2. Lift type, minimal consumption of friction, reduce vibration and energy-saving, non-required bulky base, quick and flexible installation
3. It adopts fiberglass deck with wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant, waterproof, anti-dry, anticorrosion, non-deformed, less maintenance, long service life
4. The deck installed in an uniform frame Layer-by-layer, easy to install and unload, increase processing capacity per unit area. Replace different weight blocks can change the stroke of shaking table
5 .It adopts variable-frequence governor, easily change frequency of stroke to adapt different material with different particle size and feature




Table length*feeding width*Concentrate mouth width Strokemm Jig frequency(c. p. m) Transverse slope adjustment range Particle Water consumption Production capacity Production volume (t/d) weight(kg)
Ore sand Slurry   Ore sand Slurry Model Power(kw)
3000*1320*1100 6/30 210-320 0-10 -2 -0.1 0.3-1.5 0.7-1.5 0.4-1.0 Y100L-6 1.5 650
2100*1050*850 12/28 250-450 0-8 -2 -0.074 0.2-1.0 0.4-0.8 0.3-0.5 Y90L-6 1.1 450
1100*500*4230 9/17 280-460 0-10 -2 -0.074 0.1-0.5 0.1-0.2 0.05-0.1 Y80L-4 0.55 150


The Concentrating Table process carries on the complex inclined bed surface , and the ore grains are sent in from the bed surface for the ore trough, simultaneously it supplies crosswise wash for the water trough, thus the ore grains laminate surface and according to the proportion and granularity, and make the longitudinal motion and transversal motion along the bed surface, in function of the gravity, the crosswise running water momentum, and the inertia and friction force from the reciprocation symmetry movement of bed surface. Therefore, the proportion and the granularity different ore grain assumes gradually along respective heading by A on the one hand to B on the other hand fan-shaped flows off, separately discharges from the ore concentrate end and the debris side different area, finally is divided into the ore concentrate, the middling and the debris.

Faq-may you want to kown

Q1. How long is the warranty of your equipments? Does your company supply the spare parts?

The warranty period of crusher equipments is 12 months. Yes, we supply the spare parts for you at lowest cost and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.

Q2. What Information should customers give us? So that we can be able to provide you suitable solution and equipments.

1. What's the capacity you prefer? ( such as 150TPH etc ) 2. What is the raw material you want to process? ( such as andesite, basalt, etc ) 3. What is the input size of your raw material? 4. What's the final product size do you want?

Q3. Can you test our samples? Do you provide beneficiation flow chart?

Yes. You can send your samples to us for test and analysis. Our experienced engineers are specialized in designing process flow for various ores beneficiation, including iron ore, tin ore, copper ore, gold ore, lead zinc ore, manganese ore, etc.

Q4. If I need the complete crushing plant can you help us to build it?

Yes, we can help you combine a complete crushing line and give you related professional advices as long as you need. We had already build many mining projects in China & Overseas.

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