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Ore Beneficiation

ore mining rotary drying machine

Max Feeding sizeΦ1.2×8.0m-Φ3.6×28m.


Applicable materialslag, blast furnace slag, fly ash, cinder, slag, carbide slag, limestone, clay, sand, quartz sand..


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The ore mining rotary drying machine as a material heating and drying device realizes drying process by making materials inside the coaxial rotary drum move back and forth between the inner and external wall driven by the spiral vane and interrupted spiral raising plate.

rotary dryer
ore mining rotary drying machine Characteristics:
1. Excellent and simple structure, the steady operating process under the resistance of the drum, easy operation
2. Wide application range and good drying effect.
3. High mechanization, strong production capability, and continuous operation
4. Little malfunction, low maintenance cost, and power consumption


Shell Cubage
Φ1.2×8.0 9.0 1.9~2.4
Φ1.2×10 11.3 2.4~3.0
Φ1.5×12 21.2 4.5~5.7
Φ1.5×14 24.7 5.3~6.6
Φ1.5×15 26.5 5.7~7.1
Φ1.8×12 30.5 6.5~8.1
Φ1.8×14 35.6 7.6~9.5
Φ2.2×12 45.6 9.7~12.2
Φ2.2×14 53.2 11.4~14.2
Φ2.2×16 60.8 13.0~16.2
Φ2.4×14 63.3 13.5~16.9
Φ2.4×18 81.4 17.4~21.7
Φ2.4×20 90.4 19.3~24.1
Φ2.4×22 99.5 21.2~26.5
Φ2.6×24 127.4 27.2~34.0
Φ3.0×20 141.3 30.1~37.7
Φ3.0×25 176.6 37.7~47.1
Φ3.2×25 201 42.9~53.6
Φ3.6×28 285 60.8~76.0

Technical parameters of indirect heat dryer:
of outer 
of inner 
Φ1.5×15m 1500 500 20.27
Φ1.5×17m 22.97
Φ1.5×19m 25.68
Φ1.8×21m 1800 650 35.91
Φ1.8×23m 39.33
Φ1.8×25m 42.75
Φ2.2×21m 2200 800 58.10
Φ2.2×23m 63.61
Φ2.2×25m 69.15


The sleeve column structure of the ore mining rotary drying machine shortens the dryer length in multiple times. As the heat delivery area is greatly reduced, so is the heat consumption. However, the multiplication heat exchange area increases heat performance. For those untouchable materials, the multi-drum ore mining rotary drying machine machine or rotary drying machine provides inner smoke tube and annular smoke tube in the inner drum and external drum respectively. These smoke tubes connect each other through radial tubes to increase high efficiency. The ore mining rotary drying machine is also known as sleeve type rotary cooler.

ore mining rotary drying machine

Faq-may you want to kown

Q1. How long is the warranty of your equipments? Does your company supply the spare parts?

The warranty period of crusher equipments is 12 months. Yes, we supply the spare parts for you at lowest cost and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.

Q2. What Information should customers give us? So that we can be able to provide you suitable solution and equipments.

1. What's the capacity you prefer? ( such as 150TPH etc ) 2. What is the raw material you want to process? ( such as andesite, basalt, etc ) 3. What is the input size of your raw material? 4. What's the final product size do you want?

Q3. Can you test our samples? Do you provide beneficiation flow chart?

Yes. You can send your samples to us for test and analysis. Our experienced engineers are specialized in designing process flow for various ores beneficiation, including iron ore, tin ore, copper ore, gold ore, lead zinc ore, manganese ore, etc.

Q4. If I need the complete crushing plant can you help us to build it?

Yes, we can help you combine a complete crushing line and give you related professional advices as long as you need. We had already build many mining projects in China & Overseas.

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