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Five ways to increase the capacity of cone crusher
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Many customers find that even when they are in full production, they still feel that the capacity of cone crusher is not high enough to reach the ideal production state. This article shares some operation skills to improve the capacity, hoping to help you.

1. Keep the parameters of tight edge discharge port unchanged

In order to stabilize the output, quality and production line load of sand and stone products, the first thing to ensure is that the parameters of the discharge port of the cone breaking edge remain unchanged, otherwise it is very easy to cause the unexpected increase of the product particle size, which will affect the whole production line system and the final output.
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2. Ensure uniform feeding

When feeding, it is necessary to avoid the situation that large-size stones are concentrated on one side and small-size stones are concentrated on the other side, so as to ensure that the stones are evenly mixed.

3. The feeding height should not be too high

For small and medium-sized cone crushers, the maximum suitable height of materials falling from the feeding equipment to the feed inlet is about 0.9m. If the feeding height is too high, the stone is easy to "rush" into the crushing chamber at high speed, causing impact load to the crusher, and the crushing force or power exceeds the upper limit of the design.

4. Try to keep "full cavity" operation

The manufacturer of sandstone shall try to ensure the operation of cone breaking and full cavity without over feeding, so as to obtain better throughput and grain shape. This is particularly important for the production of the third stage cone break (short head cone break) of the final product.

5. The feed drop point needs to be aligned with the center point of the cone breaking feed port

A vertical deflector is recommended to guide the feed drop point in the center of the cone break feed. Once the drop point is eccentric, one side of the crushing chamber is full of material while the other side is free of material or less material, which will result in low throughput of the crusher, increase of needle and sheet products, oversize product particle size and other adverse effects.

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