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What are the benefits of European jc jaw crusher?
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The European jc jaw crusher is a more advanced device in the jaw crushing series. It is continuously innovated and optimized on the basis of traditional jaw crushing. It has unique features in structure, performance, crushing effect, service life and maintenance rate Advantages are very popular once launched.  
jc jaw crusher
Unlike the traditional jaw crusher, the European version of the jaw crusher has greatly improved in terms of motion parameters, internal structure, crushing effect, and adjustment methods. It has high efficiency, excellent finished products, and many highlights during the crushing production process. The specific advantages are as follows:

1. Oversized bearing design
Compared with the traditional jaw crusher of the same specification, the bearing specifications become larger and the service life becomes longer;

2.Non-weldable disassembled frame design
The fuselage adopts a non-weldable dismantleable frame, which overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient stress of the traditional welding frame, and the whole machine is more sturdy and easy to disassemble and maintain.

3.Wedge adjustment
The adjustment method of the discharge port is changed from a plug-in type to a wedge type.

4.Steel bracket
The material of the toggle plate is changed from cast iron to high-strength steel plate, and the weight becomes easy to replace; when the equipment is overloaded, it bends and deforms to protect key components from damage.

5.Integrated motor base structure
The integrated structure of the motor and the host has a simple shape, convenient installation, and a small footprint.

CFTC European-style jaw crusher is reliable and affordable:
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