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What are the types of finished sand produced by CFTC's new sand making machine?
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Circular vibrating screen is a kind of screening equipment with multiple layers of screen and circular vibrating track. The flow distance of raw materials on the screens is long, the screening grades are multiple

At present, the investment in the global sand making machine production line is in full swing, and the social infrastructure cannot be separated from the paving of sand and gravel aggregates. Due to the different nature of each construction industry, the fineness requirements of the sand on the construction site are also different.

So how many kinds of finished sand can be produced by sand making machines?
Zhengzhou CFTC will give you a brief introduction. There are many varieties of sand making machines. Usually, we configure the size and size of the sand making machine according to the output. The output of the sand making machine is basically within the range of production capacity of a certain specification, if the customer is on the sand Asking for your own opinion is to explain the fineness of the sand, so we can directly configure the model of the sander according to the needs of the customer.
Circular Vibrating Screen
If the customer does not understand the finished sand, if you want to consult, then we will introduce the type of sand making machine and the more suitable supporting equipment to the customer in detail, from the hot sand in the market to the local demand sand and the current sand. The price even the fineness of the national standard sand, we will give you a detailed introduction for the customer's reference choice. In the case of finished sand, customers usually do not require too many varieties. Generally, it is enough in 1-2 varieties. If the sand is sold to different construction fields, the requirement for sand fineness is relatively high. The vibrating screening machine can meet the customer's demand, and the higher can be screened out of four varieties. The number of fineness varies, but they all meet customer needs.

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