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Which kind of gravel crusher is good? Equipment capable of crushing stones
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Because there are two kinds of stone crushing sand machine, moving and fixed, which can crush the stone and make sand. To say which is better, here we recommend two kinds of stone crushing machine and HVI sand making machine for you. The details are as follows:

Why is HVI sand making machine a better equipment in stone crushing sand making machine?

1. The equipment adopts deep chamber crushing, and the feed rate should be increased by about 30%. It uses nine-hole rotors driven by motors to rotate crushing at high speed, and crushes stones into sand by two principles: stone crushing and stone crushing.

2. The industrial characteristics of HVI sand-making machine are diversified. It can be used to process a variety of stones suitable for making machine aggregates. It has a mature sand-making process. It can crush stones into machine-made sand which meets the needs of construction production, with uniform particle size and machine coordination.
Mobile VSI crusher station
In the era of intellectualization, stone crusher is also upgraded from fixed HVI stone grinder to mobile stone grinder. From configuration to production integration, intelligent design meets one-stop stone grinding and sand making. One equipment can form a stone sand production line:
Mobile gravel sand machine, not only to install the sand machine, but also can carry feeder, vibration screen, belt conveyor, are installed together, directly in one equipment to complete the whole gravel grinding sand production, so it is equivalent to a gravel sand production line.

Why choose CFTC gravel crusher?

CFTC stone crusher sand machine price is more affordable 20%, CFTC equipment is self-production, including mobile stone sand machine, you no longer need to buy expensive mobile production equipment, a stone crusher sand machine to 20% discount, no middleman earns a difference, wait for you to test machine, inspection. More information about HVI sand making machine can be consulted online.

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