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What are the main accessories of the impact crusher?
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These accessories are called wear parts. Counter-type crusher accessories include counter-attacking impact plates, counter-breaking edge guards, counter-attacking counter-attacks, counter-breaking square steel, counter-breaking and pressing blocks, etc. These parts are mostly made of high-manganese steel, high-chromium, high-strength composite, etc. The wear resistant material is cast or forged. The following article details the wear parts of the impact crusher.

1. Impact plate. Generally, the use of the impact plate has a short update cycle. Therefore, the impact plate is made of high-chromium alloy material and new manufacturing technology. The unique structure design is like the arm of the hand hook. The finished product is cubic, without tension and crack, which greatly improves the service life of the impact plate and the finished product. Good grain shape, it is a reliable and highly wear-resistant casting. At the same time, the impact plate can be flexibly loaded and unloaded, and can be changed more frequently, which effectively lengthens the time for replacing the impact plate. However, when the impact plate is worn to a certain extent, it must be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to other components.

2. Blow bar. The hammer hammer hits the material against the counterattack plate. Under the impact force, the stone material is broken, and then rebounded back to the impact zone. The stone in the impact zone collides and is broken again under the action of the hammer. Product granularity. The counter-attack plate is generally cast from high-manganese steel, and has various structural forms, and is usually in the form of a double-line shape and an arc-shaped structure, and can also adjust the discharge opening.
blow bar

3, side shields. The side guard plate is also a vulnerable part that is counter-attacked, and its anti-strike ability is reduced after wear and aging, which often causes the lining board to be shot down, and also causes the crusher to have a lower sealing performance and a larger dust. After the technical update, the side shields produced by Shanghai Shibang are generally made of medium alloy, which has good wear resistance and greatly improves the service life of the edge guards.

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