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What is the function of the jaw crusher on the machine itself?
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Compared with the main machine of the jaw crusher, the jaw crusher parts are generally medium and small parts, and the engine, body, frame, size and other large-sized components are designed and manufactured, but in the crushing machine, the jaw crusher The accessories play an important role in the machine itself and are related to the operation of the entire machine.
jaw crusher parts
With the continuous innovation of technology, various versions of jaw crushers have also been produced, which proves that the jaw crusher is indispensable in many mining production equipment. The advantage of the jaw crusher is that it can meet the primary crushing of the ore. The suitable crushing strength is below 280Mpa. This kind of working strength can not be tolerated by most mining equipment. The jaw crusher protects the machine's accessories during the production process. It also provides a barrier to safe production. Whether the quality of the jaw crusher wear parts is good or bad will also affect the normal use of the jaw crusher. If the jaw crusher wears out, if it is not replaced in time, then continue to use, the structure may be unbalanced due to excessive resistance. Shrinking broken work vibrations, seriously damaging the mainframe of the jaw crusher.
In addition, the consumption of wear parts for the jaw crusher is huge. Therefore, the jaw crusher parts need to be replaced in time, and the manufacturer of good quality wear parts is selected. CFTC is a professional wear-resistant fittings casting enterprise; it mainly wears wear-resistant parts such as rolling wall, broken wall, slab, hammer head, plate hammer, ball mill lining; medium, high, super high manganese steel, anti-wear alloy Steel, low-medium-high-chromium cast iron materials, etc.; mainly for the production of wear-resistant castings for mining, cement, building materials, electric power, crushed stone plants, machinery manufacturing, etc.; mining production base with an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons.

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